Old Posters from France

Mid-Century french poster illustrating the discovery of america

butterflies fly out from a personified obveratory

Here is an eclectic mix of prints living in the digital archives of French département Loire-Atlantique. The top poster illustrates regional lore that it was, in fact, a fisherman from Brittany who told Christopher Columbus to sail to the New World after the fisherman discovered it while… fishing. It’s from 1958. The lower poster is newer, and promotes an observatory. As a rule, butterflies tell me something is for 6 year old girls, but this is different. Plus, way the planetarium is raising it’s dome to me, I can’t help but laugh.

I know that Bobby isn’t the biggest fan of “image dumps” but the content of BibliOdyssey is no dump; it’s well-researched and curious enough that even when the content is older, it seems refreshing. Remember Lady Gaga’s Next Look?  Totally BibliOdyssey.


February 8, 2011