Cassette Tape Magazine

cassette tape magazine

As Team Evil’s Mikolai Napieralski points out in his editorial for the newly-launched Cassette Tape Magazine, the mixtape has been used to communicate a spectrum of emotions, but usually those relating to the heart. Nothing says “I like you” better than a a handmade mix, but most people have moved on from using cassettes to express this sentiment. For all intents and purposes the cassette mixtape has become an obsolete format; however, Cassette Tape Magazine is giving it a new life.

Except when you open the clear plastic case, there is not an actual tape but a small zine that folds out like an accordion. Like any good mix, each “track” adds up to a perfectly eccentric album. Covering alpacas, robot sex, John Woo films, Japanese posters aimed to curb anti-social behaviour and other miscellany, Cassette Tape Magazine is a delicious combination of esoteric wit (Side A) and graphic design (Side B).

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February 7, 2011