“Out Getting Ribs” by Zoo Kid

Out Getting Ribs by Zoo Kid

Out Getting Ribs by Zoo Kid

When you think of musical teenagers you might think of a runt like Justin Bieber, an over-produced cash cow who seems to be having a good time. But then I see a guy like Zoo Kid, a sixteen year old British musician who in my humble opinion is brilliant. He reminds me a lot of James Blake who I just posted about, a simple song sung beautifully. The video above for his song Out Getting Ribs made me think he was in his early 20’s, but then I saw a live performance of him and he totally looked like a little kid. His voice doesn’t sound like that of a 16 year old in any way, and he doesn’t sing about the things that they usually deal with. He’s also got a confidence and swagger in this video that makes him seem older. I can’t wait for his first album to drop.

Found through Smoke Don’t Smoke

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