Spaghetti is not a Wedding Gift

Wedding Gift Chair by Forrest Myers

I wish I knew more about this chair. I know that it was designed in 1980 by Forrest Myers as part of his Wedding Gift series that strings together 5 tables and 15 unique chairs. This chair inparticular looks… well… foxy in the way it ties together strict geometry and taunting thinness. Seriously, it looks like it’s held up by spaghetti. Myers is probably best known for his big, blue wall in SoHo, which was the subject of a convoluted tug-o-war in Court after the landlord yanked down the original sculpture and planned to replace it with billboards. Eventually, Myers and the landlord reached an agreement. In 2008, a year after The Wall was resurrected, the Hedge Gallery in San Francisco featured a show of “dynamic new wire work” from Myers. If his newer furniture work is based in dynamic wires, then this Wedding Gift chair could have descended from a tightrope. And as exciting as his newer work is, I prefer his fine balancing act from 1980.

If you know more about the chair, please speak up.

Found through MondoBlogo


February 2, 2011