Nike Air Force 1 Duck Boot

NIke Air Force 1 Duck Boot

NIke Air Force 1 Duck Boot

Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of seeing behind the curtain at Nike a little, being given sneak peeks at upcoming products that haven’t been released. On Sunday I had the chance to see the new Kobe 6’s, which unfortunately, I can’t tell you about or show you until February 15. But while I was there I got to speak to one of the Nike designers and I had such a good time picking his brain about the production and manufacturing of their shows, it’s a really brilliant process.

This ingenuity totally grabbed my attention when I saw these photos of the upcoming Nike Air Force 1 Duck Boot which is being released on February 5. It’s the perfect synthesis between a rain boot and an Air Force 1. I love the detailing of the felt-ish material around the ankle and the black toe with the duck style ridges on the top. That’s one good looking shoe.


February 2, 2011