Michael Cina Interview

Michael Cina Interview

Plastic Circles, a blog dedicated to music visuals, has an interview with artist/designer Michael Cina, asking him a bit about his work and his process which I enjoyed reading. Two parts in particular stood out to me:

The process also plays a big part. I explore a lot of ideas and directions for most of the projects. Some of the covers took me over 75 pieces to get to that final one. Very few of the projects have been nailed on the first try. So I really just think about my ideas and also if those ideas work with what I am doing. This is where the design background comes in handy.

I am a perfectionist, if you don’t give me feedback in one day or so, I will keep working in different directions. I have had a couple of projects where I have overwhelmed the musicians with the amount of visual work I show them. Deep down I normally know if it is right or not. If something makes me feel uncomfortable, I know I am almost there.


February 2, 2011