PIN-UP Magazine

Los Angeles Statuary

PIN-UP describes itself as a “magazine for architectural entertainment.” You can tell by the magazine’s photos on facebook that it’s serious on holding up the entertainment end of the slogan; between cell phone pics of Jean Prouvé projects and the Villa Savoye made out of LEGO bricks, there plenty of photos from launch parties, house openings, and undetermined social events. It’s informal, but well-informed. And it’s always nice to see archifolks socializing! When you just get photos of a finished building and a firm’s principle, it doesn’t really convey that all these people worked to realize this building (although many firm principles are sprinkled throughout the photos, too.) It’s also nice that the magazine doesn’t take itself too seriously. The launch party for the most recent issue “The LA Special” was held at Youngwood Court, a controversially-decorated house in an affluent Los Angles neighborhood (see: lower photo).

I came across PIN-UP on a great site called ARCHI-ZINES that “provides an alternative discourse to the established architectural press.” ARCHI-ZINES also has a really great logo.


February 1, 2011