An Idea Space To Match Your Highlighted Notes

fluorescent interior

These are photos of the Bangkok University Creative Center designed by SuperMachine Studios. The most dominate feature of the 600 square meters is the bold use of color… and even bold doesn’t quite portray the magnitude of color cajones it must have taken to realize this space. From the giant array of rotating pixels, to the highlighter-colored “internet center” to the day-lit spaces that line the periphery, this project creates a variety of workspaces for students to be creative. And the room is no blank slate, but another source of inspiration for students who go there.

The variety of spaces in the Creative Center seem to mirror the head spaces you occupy when you’re trying to solve a creative problem. There are more somber and serious spaces like the ones that line the exterior where you get stuff done, and spaces more playful, like the roving internet center where you sometimes get things done.  And there’s plenty of space for distraction: not by cat videos, but by a wall of thousands of color-changing pixels. The wall could even be used to make a cat video, but someone would have to have the patience and determination to re-arrange each pixel by hand for every frame of the video. Or just stare around the room, thinking about the polychromatic hues and looking for your favorite one.


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‘Wore It Deep’ by The Tree Ring

Wore It Deep by The Tree Ring

Wore It Deep by The Tree Ring

The very talented Joel P. West has recently completed a new album, Generous Shadows, with his new band The Tree Ring and I’m really excited for him. He sent me an advanced copy of it and I’d say it’s one of my favorite albums of the year so far (Yes, I know it’s only January!). The first time I listened to it I was walking to the bus stop/on the bus and it complimented my trip perfectly. To give you a taste of the album here’s a video that was shot by Destin Cretton for the song Wore It Deep.

To film the video they told everyone invited to bring a lamp, that was their admittance fee to the performance. The effect is rather sweet and fun, I imagine being there and seeing this live was a total blast. The song is of course wonderful as well, without doubt Joel has one of those voices that you want to sing along with. I believe his album comes out on February 2nd, so be on the look out.


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‘Chinatown’ by Destroyer

Dan Bejar, Destroyer

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For the last couple weeks I’ve had Destroyer’s new album Kaputt on repeat. If you’re not familiar with Destroyer before it’s just one guy, Dan Bejar, who’s also a part of the bands The New Pornographers and Swan Lake. Not only that but this is his ninth album so far, his first album coming out in 1996. To say that the guy has been busy would be an understatement.

I decided to post the first track off the album, I felt it was the best way into this album. The song is called Chinatown and is sincerely retro. It’s like the 80’s exploded on this song, but in my opinion, in the best way possible. The horns blaring, the electronic dreams and synths streaming in… It’s a really ethereal song and a great start to an amazing album, which comes out tomorrow on Merge Records.


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A Box and an Algorithm

HDD Fun Night Facade

HHD Fun quarter view

This temporary structure, designed by HHD Fun, housed an interactive video art installation. Since the inside needed to be dark, windows were out and recursive algorithms were in. Which is just a fancy way of saying that the architects played with different computer scripts until they found a script that they liked… and I like it, too. The cracked geometry of the face is highlighted with florescent red paint along the thin, protruding edges. Even though it kind of looks like lava glowing through the cracks of an iceberg, I’d go inside. Inside, interactive projections of google maps feature the small structure embedded in the digital maps. So, to be clear: the algorithms are embedded in the physical structure which is digitally embedded in the virtual geography inside that structure.  Have you ever heard that quote about a riddle being wrapped in an enigma?


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‘Flowers Bloom’ by High Highs

Last week New York based duo High Highs posted this great new song online. The band is made up of Jack Milas and Oli Chang, who both originally come from Australia. I came across them purely by accident a few months ago when I stumbled across an incredible cover they recorded of Wild Nothing’s Live In Dreams. I instantly fell in love with their sound and have been listening to them on an almost weekly bases ever since. Their sound is stark but beautiful, solemn yet uplifting; it’s the kind of music that never seems intrusive but still grabs your attention. Currently they’re working on their debut album and it sounds like it’s coming quite close to completion. To hear more from the band (including that excellent Wild Nothing cover) head over to their website.


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Alternate Histories and Cinephilia: Heath Killen’s Lost Films Vol. 1

lost films 1

lost films 2

lost films 3

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Some of you may remember – from a post in 2009 – Australian graphic designer and illustrator Heath Killen and his series of fake “Ozsploitation” posters entitled, Dreamtime 79. Well, Killen is back with another project that showcases his skill at producing beautifully eye-catching film iconography. Lost Films Vol 1 follows a similar concept to Dreamtime 79,  but this time Killen has created posters for films by famous directors that “were either unmade, unfinished or somehow lost before getting a cinema release.”

Killen’s nod to pop art and 1960s/1970s psychedelia, punchy colours and bold typography are stunning. And the titles? I for one would offer a limb to see Jean-Luc Godard’s The Faint Rebellion. And a film by Michelangelo Antonioni scored by The Doors? Yes, please!

The viewer is brilliantly drawn into the creative background of each film, as Killen leaves a number of visual clues that allow the audience to construct their own ideas: “You have a name, a director and a picture. What’s the film about? What happens in it? Who stars? Who scores? Was it any good? And perhaps most importantly – what happened to the film?”

The posters in the series are available for purchase through Print-Process.


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Get In Touch with The Fox Is Black

Another one of my goals this year was to be more accessible. In order to do that I’ve accomplished a couple of things I wanted to share. First up is email. I’ve now created email addresses for myself, Alex and Danica where you can email us directly. So if you have a space suit of the week suggestion or you’d like to email Danica a movie to review, this is the best way to do it. I’ve also created a separate email for work you’d like to submit for consideration on the site. They’re all straightforward:

In addition I’ve also started a P.O. Box so if you have a product or a magazine or something you’d like me to check out you can do that as well. I figured this would be a lot easier than having to take my little missed delivery slip to the post office all the time.

Bobby Solomon
6767 Sunset Blvd., #366
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Other than giving our my home phone and address I think that pretty much covers all the bases. Don’t hesitate emailing any of us, we’re busy folks but we try our best to get back to everyone.


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Brooklyn Brine Co.

Brooklyn Brine Co.

I randomly popped into Williams Sonoma the other day and happened upon this gem by the Brooklyn Brine Co. Started in 2009 by Josh Egnew, Shamus Jones and Joya Carlton, they’ve been pickling fresh vegetables and selling them at the local flea markets around Brooklyn. Their current selection offers hot heirloom cucumbers, heirloom peppers, Moroccan beans, Serrano beans, chipotle carrots, fennel beats, curried squash, spicy cucumbers, NYC Deli Style Cucumbers, garlic scapes and minted eggplant. Crazy, right? Well they also look delicious.

I was immediately drawn to the packaging. There’s the recycled paper label, the logo which is reminiscent of an old tattoo and the name of what’s in the jar that appears to be stamped on (I forgot to look to see if it was real). But what’s really important is what’s in the jar, which as you can see, is lavender asparagus. How amazing does that sound? Well lucky for those of us who reside outside of the greater Brooklyn area the company has secured a distribution deal with Williams Sonoma, so you should be able to find it near you now or in the coming months.


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