Let’s Cut This Bunker In Half

A concrete bunker sliced in half

a walkway through the former bunker

Cutting a bunker in half can’t be easy, but it sure looks sweet. This project, Bunker 599 is a collaboration between Rietveld Landscape (the folks behind the Vacant NL pavilion full of blue foam) and Atelier de Lyon. It seems a little too obvious to compare Bunker 599 to the work of Gordon Matta-Clark, but it also seems too obvious not to: the architects have created a new space by cutting through an existing one.

It’s a straightforward idea, but uh… how do you go about actually cutting so cleanly through the cubic meters of concrete standing in your way? The contrasts this operation sets up (between rough and smooth, old and new, solid and void) lend this bunker the feeling of a memorial or a monument. But it may just be that the photos were taken on a gloomy day.


January 31, 2011