Cooking with Pictures

Cooking With Pictures

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In my experience, there are two types of home cooks: those that fanatically and meticulously follow every instruction attached to a specific recipe and those that briefly glance at the recipe and use their innate sense of taste to guide them through the rest of the cooking process. I am, sadly, an anally retentive type who follows most recipes to the letter; however, Katie Shelly’s latest project, Picture Cook, may just free me from the shackles of my self-imposed control mania.

Each recipe, which is accompanied by one of Shelly’s lovely and detailed illustrations, is designed to “inspire experimentation, improvisation and play in the kitchen.” To this end, Shelly uses her imagery to communicate the directions for each dish and provides the cook with the flexibility to determine how much of each ingredient they will use. Something tells me that sweet potato fries will be on the dinner menu at my place tonight.


January 31, 2011