‘Fairlight’ by Com Truise

Cyanide Sisters EP by Com Truise

Fairlight by Com Truise

I’m excited for my friends at Ghostly with the release of their newest artist, Com Truise. Com Truise is the alter ego of Seth Haley, an upstate New York producer who makes, as the Ghostly site writes, “softer, window-fogging synth-wave.” Whatever it is I like it, as evidenced by the video for his Fairlight. The video was created by 10lb Pictures, run by Will Joines & Sowjanya Kudva, who created this retro-futuristic video from what look like found clips. The video is quite fitting though, don’t you think?

You can grab Com’s new Cyanide Sisters EP from the Ghostly store, 11 tracks for $6.97.


January 27, 2011