27, A Journey Through Architecture in Europe

Tietgen Dormitory

Darrell O'Donoghue

You may not be able to understand all the words that happen in this video (and props if you do) but the pace and tone, along with the few words I can understand, convey that this video previews an exciting survey of contemporary architecture across the 27 countries in Europe. The architects featured in the trailer are emerging voices in the profession, and lead firms that are doing exciting work. It’s exciting to see my old boss, Julien De Smedt in the mix.

Speaking of mix– it’s wonderful, and kind of shocking, as an American to visit Europe and see the contrast between new and old. Cities in the States are so much younger than cities in Europe and the European Public has a different attitude toward historic buildings. Pair these two together and you get a seasoned urban fabric that’s polka-dotted with bold and contemporary buildings like the one featured in the short preview, created by LAN Architecture and Fat Cat films.

The notion that buildings can communicate without actually speaking is called Architecture Parlante. Which is nice, but I hope that when this project is finished it has english subtitles.


January 27, 2011