The Ghost Project; An Interview Series by Kartell

The Ghost Project by Kartell

The Ghost Project by Kartell

I was recently asked to be a part of series of shorts produced by Kartell called The Ghost Project, featuring Philippe Starck’s classic Louis Ghost Chair in the homes of creative people living in Los Angeles. I had the chair for less than a week, but it was beautiful to have around, albeit kind of weird. It’s an amazingly sturdy piece of furniture but, because it’s clear, it’s sort weird at the same time. The idea of a piece of furniture being invisible, yet highly supportive at the same time, seems like an oxymoron–but it’s true in the case of the Ghost Chair.

The video also gives you a tiny sneak peak into the new apartment I moved into with my boyfriend Kyle. It’s been about a month now, so we’re pretty moved in. But, of course, there’s always more to do. And, to answer your question, yes, that is a giant walnut on the dining room table.

You can see a couple more videos on The Ghost Project website, one with Alissa Walker & Keith Scharwath and another with Nathan Ryan of Proxart, with more on the way.


January 26, 2011