An Idea Space To Match Your Highlighted Notes

fluorescent interior

These are photos of the Bangkok University Creative Center designed by SuperMachine Studios. The most dominate feature of the 600 square meters is the bold use of color… and even bold doesn’t quite portray the magnitude of color cajones it must have taken to realize this space. From the giant array of rotating pixels, to the highlighter-colored “internet center” to the day-lit spaces that line the periphery, this project creates a variety of workspaces for students to be creative. And the room is no blank slate, but another source of inspiration for students who go there.

The variety of spaces in the Creative Center seem to mirror the head spaces you occupy when you’re trying to solve a creative problem. There are more somber and serious spaces like the ones that line the exterior where you get stuff done, and spaces more playful, like the roving internet center where you sometimes get things done. ¬†And there’s plenty of space for distraction: not by cat videos, but by a wall of thousands of color-changing pixels. The wall could even be used to make a cat video, but someone would have to have the patience and determination to re-arrange each pixel by hand for every frame of the video. Or just stare around the room, thinking about the polychromatic hues and looking for your favorite one.


January 25, 2011