Get In Touch with The Fox Is Black

Another one of my goals this year was to be more accessible. In order to do that I’ve accomplished a couple of things I wanted to share. First up is email. I’ve now created email addresses for myself, Alex and Danica where you can email us directly. So if you have a space suit of the week suggestion or you’d like to email Danica a movie to review, this is the best way to do it. I’ve also created a separate email for work you’d like to submit for consideration on the site. They’re all straightforward:

In addition I’ve also started a P.O. Box so if you have a product or a magazine or something you’d like me to check out you can do that as well. I figured this would be a lot easier than having to take my little missed delivery slip to the post office all the time.

Bobby Solomon
6767 Sunset Blvd., #366
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Other than giving our my home phone and address I think that pretty much covers all the bases. Don’t hesitate emailing any of us, we’re busy folks but we try our best to get back to everyone.


January 24, 2011