Alternate Histories and Cinephilia: Heath Killen’s Lost Films Vol. 1

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Some of you may remember – from a post in 2009 – Australian graphic designer and illustrator Heath Killen and his series of fake “Ozsploitation” posters entitled, Dreamtime 79. Well, Killen is back with another project that showcases his skill at producing beautifully eye-catching film iconography. Lost Films Vol 1 follows a similar concept to Dreamtime 79,  but this time Killen has created posters for films by famous directors that “were either unmade, unfinished or somehow lost before getting a cinema release.”

Killen’s nod to pop art and 1960s/1970s psychedelia, punchy colours and bold typography are stunning. And the titles? I for one would offer a limb to see Jean-Luc Godard’s The Faint Rebellion. And a film by Michelangelo Antonioni scored by The Doors? Yes, please!

The viewer is brilliantly drawn into the creative background of each film, as Killen leaves a number of visual clues that allow the audience to construct their own ideas: “You have a name, a director and a picture. What’s the film about? What happens in it? Who stars? Who scores? Was it any good? And perhaps most importantly – what happened to the film?”

The posters in the series are available for purchase through Print-Process.


January 24, 2011