A Box and an Algorithm

HDD Fun Night Facade

HHD Fun quarter view

This temporary structure, designed by HHD Fun, housed an interactive video art installation. Since the inside needed to be dark, windows were out and recursive algorithms were in. Which is just a fancy way of saying that the architects played with different computer scripts until they found a script that they liked… and I like it, too. The cracked geometry of the face is highlighted with florescent red paint along the thin, protruding edges. Even though it kind of looks like lava glowing through the cracks of an iceberg, I’d go inside. Inside, interactive projections of google maps feature the small structure embedded in the digital maps. So, to be clear: the algorithms are embedded in the physical structure which is digitally embedded in the virtual geography inside that structure.  Have you ever heard that quote about a riddle being wrapped in an enigma?


January 24, 2011