Brooklyn Brine Co.

Brooklyn Brine Co.

I randomly popped into Williams Sonoma the other day and happened upon this gem by the Brooklyn Brine Co. Started in 2009 by Josh Egnew, Shamus Jones and Joya Carlton, they’ve been pickling fresh vegetables and selling them at the local flea markets around Brooklyn. Their current selection offers hot heirloom cucumbers, heirloom peppers, Moroccan beans, Serrano beans, chipotle carrots, fennel beats, curried squash, spicy cucumbers, NYC Deli Style Cucumbers, garlic scapes and minted eggplant. Crazy, right? Well they also look delicious.

I was immediately drawn to the packaging. There’s the recycled paper label, the logo which is reminiscent of an old tattoo and the name of what’s in the jar that appears to be stamped on (I forgot to look to see if it was real). But what’s really important is what’s in the jar, which as you can see, is lavender asparagus. How amazing does that sound? Well lucky for those of us who reside outside of the greater Brooklyn area the company has secured a distribution deal with Williams Sonoma, so you should be able to find it near you now or in the coming months.


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