Building A Better NERF Gun

Building A Better Nerf Gun

Building A Better Nerf Gun

This post is mostly for my friend Ryan, who is a giant NERF lover and has possibly gone out of his way to modify NERF guns before. But this goes beyond modification and into the realm of fabrication. It was created by a New Zealander named Simon who wanted to see if he could build a better NERF gun.

While I’m not 100% sure that he built a better NERF gun he certainly built one that’s just as good, if not a little more accurate. For me I just like how it ended up looking. It reminds me a lot of Princess Amidala’s laser pistol from the Star Wars prequels. At the same time I get kind of a minimal, MUJI sort of vibe to it. Sorry if you were expecting any sort of technical stuff in here, I’m just impressed by it’s sharp looks. Under the cut is a video of Simon explaining how the gun works an a little demo of him comparing it to a real NERF gun.

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January 19, 2011