Staying Efficient The Frank Chimero Way

Staying Efficient The Frank Chimero Way

Making sure you’re using the right tools for your job is an important part of being successful. But finding the right balance is a very personal journey that takes time and some trial and error to figure out what’s right for you and your situation. My good buddy Frank Chimero has decided to share his set-up and has given some insight into why he’s chosen the tools he uses day-to-day.

What’s interesting to me is that he uses a top tier MacBook Air for his every day designing, something I’ve been personally considering. I have a 27″ iMac, which has sadly been gathering a lot of dust lately. Why is this? I’m currently writing this post on my MacBook Pro, on my couch. Like Frank, being agile and mobile is important to me, and neither of us do a lot of heavy lifting with Photoshop. For me it’s mostly resizing images and a lot of text editing and emailing. It’s encouraging to see that Frank has become so “fiddle-faddle” with his setup, as he so eloquently puts it.

We were talking the other night over iChat and he brought up some of theses ideas, which reminded me a lot of MUJI. In their recent book published by Rizzoli, president and representative director Masaaki Kanai describes the viewpoint of MUJI as rejecting the consumerist viewpoint of “This is what I want,” and instead embracing the idea of “This will do.” It’s not like you’re settling, it’s the idea that this is what fits with your lifestyle.

Definitely visit Frank’s site and read the rest of his thoughts. It’s filled with great tidbits and links to streamline your work space.


January 18, 2011