‘We Come From the Sea’

Back in May of last year Bobby posted a neat video by British director Davis Sillis entitled, “Thinking is Fun.” Sillis has a new project in the works – a 15-minute short film about “a young woman who loses her brother on a sunken navy ship at sea so she runs away to the desert and settles in a small dusty town but however far she goes, she cannot escape the sea.” Beautifully titled “We Come From the Sea”, Sillis needs your help to bring his vision from imagination to screen. Due to the unfortunate event of an investor backing out at the last minute, the project needs the support of the wider community to finance the hiring of camera equipment, travel costs and filming permits.

So how can you help? Sillis and his producer Marta Bobic are raising funds on Kickstarter and, even if you’re not a cashed-up patrons of the arts, you can make a donation starting from $1 (bigger donations come with some nice privileges). They’re aiming to raise $20,000 by 26 January so if you have any loose change you might like to help make this fantastic film project a reality.

Find out more on their Kickstarter page and the official site.


January 11, 2011