Jim Mahfood Mural for IGN

Jim Mahfood for IGN

I met Jim Mahfood once, when I lived in Roseville. He was coming to a signing at the comic book shop I worked at. I had to pick him up from the airport and I was totally nervous, for whatever reason. I remember trying to impress him with my knowledge about comics but came off sounding totally dumb. Thankfully he was a really nice guy and didn’t make me feel like the wanna-be dork I was. Cut to nearly 10 years later and I’m walking through the third floor of Myspace and I see a gigantic Jim Mahfood mural on a wall in the IGN offices. I was shocked.

It turns out that he did a mural for IGN in their San Francisco office so they asked him to one here in Beverly Hills as well. It’s kinda of a sci-fi/comic book mashup of characters all hanging out in the cantina from Star Wars. The inner nerd in me was totally freaking out pouring each of these panels. If you’re into any of this stuff you should click the images above to get a better look and see the details he put in. You can also see a cleaner version of the images over on his site by clicking here.


January 11, 2011