Simple Advice from Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler

In the February issue of Dwell magazine they spoke with Jonathan Adler, one of my personal design inspirations, and he offers some nuggets of wisdom that I thought I’d share. Unfortunately the article isn’t online yet, so I don’t have a link, sorry about that.

• “I was an oddity in the small New Jersey farm town I grew up in, which was actually great in it’s own way. It’s important to not have access sometimes – it gives you time to think.”

• “I’m a multi-tasking freak who needs a lot going on to get anything done. My pottery studio is in the same space as my office, and it’s mayhem. I can finish a meeting then duck out to make a pot.”

• “I believe that adversity and negativity can be an amazing fuel towards personal success.”


January 9, 2011