Starbucks Successfully Simplifies Their Brand

I’ve been reading a lot of opinions about the new Starbucks logo so I figured I’d offer my thoughts on the subject as well. Starbucks is one of those big brands that nearly everyone in the world is familiar with. No matter what your opinion of the company or the flavor of their coffee, you know who they are, and most likely, there’s one around the corner from you.

The new design and loss of the words “Starbucks Coffee” is a smart move, in my opinion. The logo mark has been cleaned up a bit and I love how the focus now seems to be the happy, smiling face of the siren. It’s also nice to see that the logo has been stripped down to one color, their iconic green. It’s similar to the way that a brand like Target owns red or Tiffany has their blue. If you saw someone walking down the street in a green apron you could easily assume they’re on their way to work at Starbucks.

The new logo now reminds me of the new Girl Scouts rebranding, one of my favorites of last year. To say that they were in need of a rebrand could is a slight understatement. Now looking at the new logo next to it’s previous incarnation it seems so… mid-90’s. The type set in a series of four circles is extremely noisy and clunky and with the removal of the black the logo seems so pure.

Is this a groundbreaking redesign? No, thank god. But it’s a successful progression of a symbol that’s ubiquitous with the word coffee.


January 7, 2011