Studio Gorm

Studio Gorm is the result of a collaboration between John Arndt and Wonghee Jeong. They design home ware objects and furniture pieces that are “smart,” “without pretension,” “simple,” “practical,” and “thoughtfully made.” What is worth noting in this description is that Arndt and Jeong don’t harp on about style because it is intrinsic to the overall concept of each object. For example, when I first looked at their Shed/Shelf I was immediately drawn to it’s dollhouse-like construction and was pleased to see that Arndt and Jeong actually refer to theĀ  sleek mobile unit as “a dollhouse for grownups.” It’s slightly nostalgic, highly functional and very cute – definitely a winner in my book!

Similarly, their Flow Kitchen immediately brought to mind eco-system flow diagrams from high school geography classes. And it is the manner in which their work sparks different associations and injects humour in each design that I find so appealing. I didn’t have a dollhouse as a child, so I am glad that there is a studio out there catering to my childlike desires without making me feel like a design tragic.


January 5, 2011