Yoko Furusho

It was by chance that I literally stumbled upon the work of Japanese-born, New York-based illustrator Yoko Furusho. In the midst of a shopping-induced euphoric haze, I discovered her most recent exhibition, From My World to Yours, at the Gallery by the Harbour in Hong Kong. Although I had seen Furusho’s work in various magazine publications and online, it wasn’t until I saw them in the flesh that I truly appreciated her artistic style.

Strongly influenced by fashion imagery, Furusho’s work utilises patterns, textures, pleats and gathers as the inspiration that provides her illustrations with a multi-layered and collage-like aesthetic. Her work displays kawaii elements that are filtered through a delightfully perverse perspective that interweaves fairy tales, dream imagery and fantasy, and each composition is overflowing with visual metaphors, humour and eccentric details. To my mind, Furusho’s world is definitely one worth immersing oneself in.


January 4, 2011