WTF | A Mix by Smoke Don’t Smoke

WTF | A Mix by Smoke Don’t Smoke
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I figure I should start off the new year with a new mixtape, so my good buddy Tim from Smoke Don’t Smoke hooked us all up. It’s a fact that Tim has the best taste in music that I’ve ever seen/heard. I pride myself in having good taste in music, about knowing about new music pretty early. Tim is like that but x1000. So he’s put together a selection of some great songs by bands you’ve probably neve heard about, though a few have been featured on the site before. I’m a big fan of the GOBBLE GOBBLE track as well as Jesse Woods Drum Mix of his song Neon Rose, I get it stuck in my head constantly.

It sounds to me like a summer mix, so I decided to create some rather summer-y artwork to accompany it. The other day I tweeted that the artwork made my eyes bleed a bit, do you agree? If anything it’s just kind of ridiculous. Here’s a how Tim describes his mix:

I started out with some more electronic, beat centric tracks, and hopefully led you carefully into a more naturalistic place of introspection. Kind of like starting at a super chill space rave slowly drifting downward until you finally land gently in your bed on planet Earth. Plus after watching Risky Business, how could I not sample the “what the fuck” scene?!

Thanks Tim! Also, if you’d rather not DL the mix you can listen to it by clicking the little audio player below. I figure some of you might like to sample before you download it!

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January 4, 2011