New York Magazine Interviews Tyler Brûlé

“Through the darkest hours of a sagging economy, there’s always an optimistic tone,” says Brûlé. “There’s lots of hectoring voices out there, a lot of anger about things, but that’s not why people come to our brand.”

New York Magazine did a little piece on Tyler Brûlé, creator of Monocle, personally my favorite magazine being published. Tyler Brûlé is an interesting character, some people like him, some hate him. I personally feel like he’s got some strong opinions and he firmly believes in those opinions. Does that make him come off as arrogant? Sure, but I think there’s something admirable in someone having strong convictions, I know I often feel the same way as he does.

There’s a part in the article though that I really appreciated, in which the author Amy Larocca sums up why a magazine like Monocle works in a sagging world economy: Great enthusiasms. And that’s what the quote at top is, it’s Tyler talking about keeping an optimistic tone with their magazine. It’s an outlook I share and try to bring to The Fox Is Black, no one wants to hear people complain or be negative. Despite what you think of Mr. Brûlé I’d suggest reading the article, it’s a nice insight into an interesting fellow doing great things.

Found through Levi Brooks


January 2, 2011