Tellus Nursery by Tham & Videgård

Above you can see the entry to the Tellus Nursery School by Tham and Videgård, and how the entry is squeezed into the mass of the building in a kind of programmatic phagocytosis. It is a lovely entrance for a children’s nursery– the building makes an urban-scaled gesture to embrace young Swedes as they come or go. The Nursery also features seemingly random, punched out windows that aren’t necessarily new (in fact, they’re quite trendy) but these windows at varying heights make perfect sense in a nursery. I also really enjoy the effect of some of the windows being partially screened behind wooden slats. While the project description (whick appears toward the end here) talks about screening the sun, this move also keeps kids from climbing out of operable windows while looking fantastic.


December 29, 2010