Greedy Hen

Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell, who are known collectively as Greedy Hen, can only be described as multi-disciplinary wonders who infuse everything they do with a touch of magic and eccentric delight. Aiming to create imagery that alludes to “playful black humour, unwritten fables, or subtle off-kilter sinister elements lurking amongst a kinder-esq beauty”, Brickman and Mitchell work on their own art pieces, as well as produce album covers, posters and music videos for a variety of musicians. Their signature eclectic style transcends mediums and incorporates hand-drawn elements, photography and collage with a mix of found and new images. The results are a little bit trippy and a smidgen bizarre, but oh so undeniably good.

Obviously not keen to rest on their laurels, Greedy Hen have their own fashion label in the works. I, for one, cannot wait to see what they come up with.


December 28, 2010