‘Skate Fails’, A Collaboration Between Alex Trochut and Apparatu

Deconstructing existing concepts and making something new from them can sometimes be exciting, and sometimes bad. For example, my boyfriend Kyle ordered a Chicken Pot Pie at a restaurant recently and ended up with it being deconstructed, a stack of chicken and pastry in a moat of pureed peas. This collaboration between illustrator Alex Trochut and Apparatu, Spanish artist Xavier Manosa Ciria? Definitely not a moat of pureed peas. Together they’ve taken the idea of skateboards and melted, distorted and altogether destroyed the concept, creating the pieces you see above, calling it Skate Fails.

These ceramic creations are so rad looking, the top one totally reminds me of the T-1000 in skateboard form. I love that they made the decision to use real trucks, though I believe the wheels are also ceramic. I feel like this either has been done before or should have been done like, 20 years ago. I would kill to hang that gold one on my wall.

Found Through Design Boom


December 27, 2010