‘The Fall’ by Gorillaz

Isn’t this nice! As a special treat to Gorillaz fans Damon Albarn has shared a whole new album of tracks over on their website for Christmas. Entitled The Fall, this 15 track album was recorded while Albarn toured the US with the band during the Summer. For me, the most interesting thing about this release is that it was all recorded using an iPad, something which Damon has said he “fell in love as soon as he got it.”

For what it is, The Fall really is a great album and it’s probably better compared with Albarn’s 2003 solo album Democrazy then to any of the band’s other releases. This is an album that is filled with plenty of great ideas and engaging instrumentals; it’s an eclectic mix of synths and sounds and works perfectly, not just as a diary of the bands 32 day tour across the states, but as a testment to what can be achieved in a short space of time when you combine great talent and great technology. Head over to Gorillaz.com to check out the album, where it’s available to stream or can be downloaded for members of the fan club.


December 27, 2010