Agenda 2011 by Julie Joliat

Rather than writing a miniature essay on why making plans for New Year’s Eve usually makes me break into a cold sweat, I thought it far more in keeping with recent festivities to focus on the positive side. And, for me, there is nothing more wonderful than opening a brand new diary. The new diary scent, clean and crisp pages and the promise of a fresh start are the perfect antidote to that seedy New Year’s day feeling.

Of course, the diary in question has to possess a certain sense of style and I have yet to come across one as impressive as Agenda 2011 by Swiss graphic designer Julie Joliat. Beautifully designed in monochrome with a bright splash of yellow, Joliat’s agenda ticks all the right boxes in terms of aesthetics; however, it is the concept that is really exciting. Featuring more than 50 “connect-the-dots” puzzles, the diary has a brilliant interactive element. But these are not the “connect-the-dot” pictures of your youth, as each puzzle reveals a significant work of art from an influential artist. Jeffs Koons, Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh all get a look-in, making Agenda 2011 highly appropriate for design-conscious folk and art history nerds alike.

Agenda 2011 is currently sold out; however, a new print is planned for January. Keep updated here.


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  1. Fred December 27, 2010 at 8:43 PM

    Great concept, I’d really love to have one of those.

    (You misspelled “Gogh”, though)

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