‘Public Speaking’ A Documentary About Fran Lebowitz by Martin Scorsese

Last night I had the chance to watch Martin Scorsese’s new documentary on the writer and speaker Fran Lebowitz called Public Speaking, which I enjoyed immensely. If you’re like me and aren’t quite familiar with Fran, she was a writer back in the last 60’s/early 70’s hired by Andy Warhold to write for Interview magazine. Then in 1978 she wrote a collection of essays called Metropolitan Life which was quite popular after it was released with many companies and celebrities trying to option it for a movie. After that she released one more book and then stopped writing for the most part. Instead, she’s taken to public speaking, espousing her opinion about all number of things.

It was really interesting watching this documentary because I felt like a lot of the things she spoke about in regards to writing are very true about blogs and the internet as well. For example, she says that sure, anyone can write, but not everyone should write, writing should be done by people with talent. I love her strength and her determination in her opinion, I wish a lot more people were so fiery and determined about the things they believe.

You can see Public Speaking on HBO.

December 20, 2010