Jonathan Adler Fires Up My Holiday and Keeps It From Stinking

Yesterday I was shopping at Jonathan Adler, looking for some gifts for Kyle’s aunt and uncle when I found these two little gems I needed to get for myself. The first was this pipe shaped match strike, which as it’s name implies, holds a couple dozen matches and the base acts as any area to strike the matches, so long as they’re strike anywhere matches. I have about 5 or six matchbooks in a blank Slinky currently which isn’t exactly the sexiest way of displaying them. I think this is a much more fun approach.

But what use is a match holder without a new candle? So I snagged this hashish scented candle which comes in a ceramic vase with marijuana leaves on the top and all around it. It’s a bit on the pricey side but it’s a pretty big candle with two wicks and it’s one of the best smelling candles I’ve ever bought. If you’re one of those people who likes really unique smells I’d highly suggest getting one for yourself.


December 20, 2010