Verity Keniger

I am starting to believe that there must be something in the water in Scotland. Something very good. My latest Scottish love is Edinburgh-based illustrator and print maker Verity Keniger. Her style possesses a bold simplicity, undoubtedly owing to a degree in illustration and graphic design, and a visual delicacy. Indeed, the combination of a light touch and an eye-catching graphic sensibility makes for beautiful pieces. I particularly love the repeated motif of deconstruction, such as the bell that is shedding feathers and the unfurling fibres of the heart. As Keniger is a self-confessed “professional tea-drinker”, I think her work is testament to the wonders of a good brew.

Find out more on Keniger’s blog and take a look at the prints in her online shop.


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  1. Chris December 17, 2010 at 11:42 AM

    I LOVE that feather-bell illustration.

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