Kennedy Space Center

Today, I visited the Kennedy Space Center. Above are historic photos from the center of the assembly of the Saturn V rocket that carried the first humans (the Apollo 11 astronauts) to the moon. It’s the same Saturn V rocket that was developed by von Braun, the rocket scientist who wrote a book for his daughters, and we looked at illustrations from that book last week. But today I walked under the entire length of the Saturn V rocket, a rocket as long as a 36-story  building is tall and built with the precision of a microscope.

The concentration of space artifacts at the center is insane: I touched a piece of lunar rock, wandered around a ‘rocket garden’ and met an older astronaut. However, the most amusing thing I happened to see was video footage of astronaut Michael Good (nicknamed Bueno) making a fajita aboard the shuttle Atlantis. There was also a bevy of quirky space suits that I can’t wait to show you.


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  1. Ben King December 18, 2010 at 9:01 PM

    This reminds me, if you ever want to see a really kickass air and space museum check out the Air Force Museum in Dayton OH. It’s huge,… HUGE and filled with treasures from the time of the wright bros through modern UAV’s from today. Some rockets too:-) If you get the chance you won’t regret it.

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