Kennedy Space Center

Today, I visited the Kennedy Space Center. Above are historic photos from the center of the assembly of the Saturn V rocket that carried the first humans (the Apollo 11 astronauts) to the moon. It’s the same Saturn V rocket that was developed by von Braun, the rocket scientist who wrote a book for his daughters, and we looked at illustrations from that book last week. But today I walked under the entire length of the Saturn V rocket, a rocket as long as a 36-story ¬†building is tall and built with the precision of a microscope.

The concentration of space artifacts at the center is insane: I touched a piece of lunar rock, wandered around a ‘rocket garden’ and met an older astronaut. However, the most amusing thing I happened to see was video footage of astronaut Michael Good (nicknamed Bueno) making a fajita aboard the shuttle Atlantis. There was also a bevy of quirky space suits that I can’t wait to show you.


December 17, 2010