Museum of Broken Relationships

The other day Bobby made a comment on twitter that “Design is everywhere, you just need to know how to look.” While I was researching this post it occurred to me that art and heritage pieces also surround us and just require a different perspective to be uncovered. Indeed, when I think of museums, and what I expect to find within one, my mind generally drifts towards images of fossilised skeletons and preserved cultural relics. A teddy bear brandishing a heart with “I Love You” printed on it, an axe and an assortment of bras are not the objects that naturally spring to mind. However, Olinka Vistina and Drazen Grubisic – the curators of the Museum of Broken Relationships – have taken to a more personal form of archival by presenting the detritus of romantic unions. Every piece that is exhibited has a story behind it and demonstrates how seemingly banal things are infused with narrative and emotion.

The Museum is based in Croatia; however, Vistina and Grubisic routinely take their exhibition on the road. The tactile memories of busted relationships may visit your end of the world in the future. Just think of the delicious voyeurism looking at these objects will entail. Check the website for more details.


December 15, 2010