Russell Leng

Vancouver-based artist Russell Leng paints gorgeous geometric landscape pieces that look as through they are refracted through the prism of a crystal. In his artist’s statement he provides an evocative explication of his approach to creating art:

My work is characterized by geometric forms interacting with organic marks. This is seen in a variety of ways, such as a rigid line next to a loose application of paint or gradient. I notice these relationships in nature as well; a tree breaking through a concrete sidewalk, or a housing development by a river. I want to examine these relationships between natural and built landscapes, conjuring a new sense of place. By confronting the viewer’s perception of landscape, I aim to question how these unceasing amalgamations change how we identify with our environments, and perceive ourselves in them.

What Leng’s statement doesn’t discuss is his subtle use of colour, his considered play on perception and his representation of texture. His paintings are stunning – irrespective of which way you look at them.

Prints of Leng’s work are available through Little Paper Planes and Mammoth Collection.


December 14, 2010