Vik & Fougere

The work of Canadian team Nils Vik and Thom Fougere, known collectively as Vik & Fougere, beautifully reveals an approach to design that carefully melds minimalist elegance and functionalism. Their latest design, which is simply entitled “the bench rack”, addresses the lack of closest and storage space in modern apartments and their amazing cfld (compact fluorescent light diffuser) light shade provides a unique way of altering the appearance of a room without making permanent or irreversible changes. It is this kind of thought and sensitivity to contemporary domestic design problems that makes their work so appealing.

And then there is their “keep it cartesian letter holder” that is part light switch-part letter depository; an object that actually acknowledges good old snail mail. Although I have to say my favourite is the “keep it cartesian charger clutch.” As someone who generally leaves my iPod and iPhone lying around on the floor while their charging, I feel I need something like this in my life. After all, as Vik and Fougere themselves point out, “the floor is a sad home for an electronic device.”


December 13, 2010