Comedy Central Gets A Serious Logo Upgrade

Yesterday, Comedy Central released a brand new logo and in my opinion, have done a really great job. Rebranding has become a hot new topic for people interested in design, and for better or worse, is being scrutinized more and more. Their old logo has been in use since they want on the air in 1991 and hasn’t changed in its near 20 year history. The thing is, it’s been pretty goofy looking this whole time, definitely having a dated late 80’s/early 90’s vibe. The logo was like a word bubble with a city popping out of it, totally awkward though I’m guessing was intended to have a comedy club vibe to it. Thankfully the folks in charge have taken an entirely new direction with the brand, simplifying things immensely.

The new logo was created by thelab who created a riff on the ubiquitous copyright symbol. It’s elegant in it’s simplicity which might be an odd work to use but when you have to represent a multitude of programs having an agnostic design like this makes a lot of sense. I thought the choice of font was nice though the upside-down ‘Central’ seems a bit silly to me. Nonetheless, I have no problem reading or identifying the brand, so it doesn’t hurt.

My first impression was slightly negative, but after watching the video showing the new branding in motion it made a lot more sense. You’re probably not going to see many static images of the logo anyhow so I feel like the rebrand should be judged mainly on the video.

What are your thoughts about the rebrand?


December 10, 2010