Konstantin Grcic in Miami

I was thrilled to read that Konstantin Grcic was awarded Designer of the Year at Design Miami. So I thought you might be interested in a recent interview mostly about his work and one exhibition-specific work in particular titled Netscape. Netscape is an arrangement of 24 hammock-seat hybrids under a pretty amazing tent and takes advantage of Miami’s climate. It also worked out for Grcic that he could flat-pack and ship the net-seats to Miami after monitoring their fabrication in his Munich studio. Grcic describes Netscape:

“I knew that I wanted to create something special for the fair—something functional, but also something that incorporated my ideas of what a place like Miami is like in December. The idea for the commission was fairly immediate because the tent design by Moorhead & Moorhead really lent itself to a project like this. It’s a space for people to enjoy.”


December 9, 2010