Hack Your Kinect To Emulate Minority Report

So far there have been some pretty unique experiments with Microsoft’s new Kinect for the Xbox 360 but I think this Minority Report-esque video takes the cake. It’s funny, when Steven Spielberg made Minority Report he hired futurists to predict what the world would look like in 2054. These predictions were meant to take in real world technologies and how they might change over the next 50 years. Well, only 8 years after the movie was released we’re already seeing that technology begin to emerge.

Watching the video the user interface designer in me wants to change the size and layout of the photos. The way he has them they’re all too small to really use or interact with. And honestly, something like this would have few real world uses. I would never want to design something in Photoshop by wiggling my arms around. Nonetheless it’s exciting to see that people are taking this technology and doing interesting things with it.


2 Comments Hack Your Kinect To Emulate Minority Report

  1. Odessa December 9, 2010 at 4:54 PM

    exciting way to use technologies!

  2. pat December 10, 2010 at 6:56 PM

    few practical applications???
    just about ANY presentation ANYONE would give cud be using this system soon. it would be a lot more hands on, interactive and finally lose the stupid marker button…

    also interaction with media such as entertainment systems like ur tv could be great in combination with this. no more remote controls! just sittin on ur couch and using this interfact so switch channels or regulate volume etc.

    i think this could be huge.

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