14 Actors Acting

Mark this under weird but slightly amazing. This morning the New York Times released a ‘video gallery of classic screen types” called 14 Actors Acting. They’re all short video pieces, all around a minute or so, all in black and white, which typify these classic movie archetypes. There’s a great assortment of actors like James Franco, Natalie Portman, Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Douglas and Tilda Swinton. My personal favorite of the bunch was Michael Douglas, who never looked so weird and scary and mysterious in all his life. Second runner-up would be Tilda Swinton. Immediately when her part came on I felt some kind of emotional reaction to her performance.

What makes this all the better is the amazing music by one of my favorites, Owen Pallett. He’s a genius when it comes to strings and orchestral arrangements and it certainly shows here. I’d love to see him start to do scores for major music pictures, he’d be brilliant.


December 8, 2010