Just A Few Cards

Let’s be brutally honest: some Christmas cards are beyond hideous. They can have too much red in their overall design.  Or too much green. Not enough gold. Four wise men instead of three. Frankly, Christmas cards can be a bit cliche and not particularly aesthetically pleasing. If you have seen one representation of a rosy-cheeked, drunk-on-port, slightly dubious Santa Clause – you’ve seen them all.

Artists Paul Octavious and Shawn Kelly obviously held the same sentiments and conceived the wonderful holiday project, Just A Few Cards. Reflecting on “the state of Christmas cards and the resurgence of a desire for giving and receiving physical, handwritten notes”, they invited nine artists to contribute a unique festive design. The results speak for themselves. Collectively, they are about as far away from conventional Christmas cards as you can get. Dispensing with stereotypical Christmas imagery, the cards not only look fantastic, but also give holiday season visual motifs a long overdue makeover.

Consider giving a selection of these cards to your friends and family this festive season. They may not admit it to your face, but they are judging you.


December 7, 2010