My Favorite 2011 Calendars – Atherton Lin & Bike EXIF

I always feel like it’s getting harder and harder to find a good calendar for the new year. I’m usually bombarded by images of cutesy pets or dumb muscle cars or artists who’s work is being abused for a quick buck (M.C. Escher, etc). Thankfully I know some pretty rad people who make some pretty rad calendars that don’t suck. First up is Atherton Lin’s, who some of you might remember. I’ve written about them and their calendars before and they’ve even made a desktop wallpaper for the site. As always their calendar is filled with beautiful watercolored images that are beautiful in their design and are always pleasing to the eye.

On the other end of the spectrum is a new calendar from Bike EXIF, a motorcycle blog that takes bike lust to the next level. I’m not a big motorcycle fan but I love the way that Bike EXIF is presented, with more of an eye toward design.
Chris Hunter, the editor of Bike EXIF, has taken the sometimes awful motorcycle calendar and elevated to a distinguished level. I love the type treatments and the subtle textures as well. Perfect for the moto-bro in your life.


December 6, 2010