Candy Coated Universe

As I was looking through the work on Candy Coated Universe, the creative space of “collector/hoarder/arranger/re-arranger/storyteller/(designer)” Sara Seal, it occurred to me that if I had the above illustrative designs printed on miniature cards, which I could then hand out to obnoxious or arrogant people, I would never have to enter into a pointless conversation again. Indeed, my assessment of some people is that they are either “bullshit” or that they should read more books. However, out of politeness I do not express these concerns. Seal’s incorporation of text into her graphically bold designs is beautifully realised and refreshingly spot on. I love her use of colour and the personality that shines through in her work. Obviously, Seal’s years of hoarding and collecting have paid off.


December 3, 2010