Snøhetta and The Moon

Is this real life? Is this really a commercial for an architecture firm to promote a building on the moon? The video was created by squint/opera and follows an astronaut wandering around the moon when– all of the sudden– architecture happens. Frustratingly, the only information I can find about this is: “this film was commissioned by Snøhetta Architects to promote a new virtual building on the moon.” And Snøhetta’s site isn’t helpful at all; it doesn’t even mention that the moon exits. Maybe there’s some part of the site in Swedish Norsk that I can’t read. It’s kind of torture, like someone telling you on the phone “oh, by-the-way, have a project on the moon” and then just hanging up.  I did find this website specific to the project but all you can do there is sign up for e-mail alerts.

How do you say “this is the dark side of the moon” in Swedish? Detta är den mörka sidan av månen


December 2, 2010