Sights & Sounds Presents Wilco: ‘Summerteeth’ by Eric Ellis

Eric Ellis

This week’s Sights & Sounds wallpaper is for Wilco’s album Summerteeth and was created by Eric Ellis. Summerteeth came out in the spring of 1999 and marked the beginning of what I think most people would classify as the Wilco sound. There was a lot going on during the recording of this album as well, like Tweedy’s drug addiction and the recording of Mermaid Avenue with Billy Bragg. But I think it’s possible that the struggles that were going on personally with the band is what gives it it’s sound. This was an album that I had heard years later, but there are so many great tracks on this album, my favorites being How To Fight Loneliness, When You Wake Up Feeling Old and In A Future Age. Of course, there are the mellow tracks that get me feeling deep and sentimental.

As for the wallpaper Eric did an amazing job summing up the relaxing feeling of summertime. He’s also created not one but four different iPhone versions of the wallpaper, selecting certain pieces of the illustration to highlight. Be sure to check them all out. Here’s what he had to say about his wallpaper:

To I have to be honest and say that I have never actually listened to Wilco, and specifically not this album Summerteeth, of which my drawing was supposed to represent.

It’s not that I have purposefully avoided their music, in fact based on what people tell me, I think I’d enjoy it. It’s just one of those things that I haven’t gotten around to yet, like backpacking through Europe or having a dog. But life is long, and I’m in no hurry.

My drawing is about me really, and the various things I do. If this drawing were a book, it would be autobiographical. But I think it relates to the Wilco album in that all of things I am doing in my drawing, I could be doing while listening to Summerteeth too. I suppose I could have listened to the album on repeat, trying to sort out a concept or derive some meaning from a lyric but I thought I would try something a little less obvious.


December 1, 2010