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Takeya Tempered Glass Water Bottle

I was browsing through the new issue of GQ when I came across this impressive looking water bottle from Takeya. Well, it’s impressive in my eyes. First off I love that it’s tempered glass that’s been wrapped in silicon for durability. Does this mean you should throw it around? No. But if you’re a responsible adult and you treat the things you own with respect then breaking this shouldn’t be an issue. The bottle is dishwasher safe so it won’t get smelly like other, more restricting bottle and it even comes in green, blue and red in addition to the black and white you see above. Most importantly it’ll look rad sitting on your desk.


Jeremy Blincoe

It is quite fitting that the amount of information available online concerning Melbourne photographer Jeremy Blincoe is relatively sparse, allowing the enigmatic mood and tone that permeates his work to be the sole bearer of meaning. His photographs, which principally capture solitary figures, possess a strange ambiguity that compels the viewer to look beyond the surface. In particular, his images of children evoke play and innocence, but also suggest a sense of unease and anticipation.

This tension, which runs through the majority of Blincoe’s photographs, enhances the aesthetic beauty of his compositions by suffusing his imagery with narrative intent. Not merely a photographer, Blincoe is a storyteller who leaves enough details in his work for the viewer to piece together a trace of a story within the visual elements.


Meadowbrook residence by Atherton | Keener

These photos are of the Meadowbrook Residence featured in the December/January issue of Dwell. Designed by the two guys in the lower picture, the house is in sunny and scorching Phoenix… which is one reason why I keep clicking through the slideshow: I’m trying to find were all the air conditioning is hiding. Also, the photos by Ye Rin Mok are fun to look at.

Before completing the bright, white house they designed together, Atherton and Keener lived in a storage unit. What’s crazier is that they built the house they now live in and work from themselves; Keener just happens to be a professional carpenter. Oh, and they met at architecture school, which may explain why they both appreciate a degree of minimalism that borders on severe. As Atherton describes:

“Our friends know that this house lacks a certain amount of comfort, but everyone adapts to what it does have. When people come over to eat, we usually sit on the floor—–we keep it really clean—–or outside. We’ve all adapted to what it means to not have a dining table. We don’t have a couch. It can be a bit of a problem. Like when we have our girlfriends over it’s hard to make them just sit on the floor or on a chair. And it’s very presumptuous to have the bed as the main piece of furniture in the house. One of the nice things about having a girlfriend is, she has a couch at home.”


‘Bedroom Databank Vol. 1 & 2′, A Free Download by Atlas Sound

Good music is always great but good music that’s also free is even better. Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound has released two new albums worth of music which are pretty much B-sides and some experimental stuff that he’s played around with. It’s mind-boggling that he’s this prolific, I mean, two albums worth of experimenting, plus releasing a brand new Deerhunter album this year? That’s a lot of work. Clearly he’s obsessed with music and is constantly making it.

I tweeted earlier about how I would love to see Bradford collaborate with Thom Yorke, just the two of them making weird ass music together. As I was getting my hair cut last night I was also thinking it would be funny to see Bradford write an album for Courtney Love. She would have to listen to what Bradford said and have little to no control over the album and it could potentially be amazing.

• Download Bedroom Databank Vol. 1
• Download Bedroom Databank Vol. 2


CreativeMornings Talk with Bobby Solomon

It was weird writing that title since I’m writing about myself but I guess it’s the appropriate one. For those who weren’t able to make it out or y’know, live in another country, here is the talk I gave a couple weeks back at CreativeMornings. I know a lot of you expressed an interest in watching this so here it is! I’m not sure how informative it’ll be but I think it might give you a chuckle or two at the very least. I had a blast speaking as well, it’s quite fun to try and motivate a group of creative people, especially those who live here in Los Angeles, the town I love.

Big thanks yet again to Jon Setzen and Tina Roth Eisenberg for the opportunity!


National Geographic’s Photo Contest 2010

Last Friday The Big Picture featured photos from National Geographic’s annual photo competition and man there are some great images. They’re all pretty normal if you think about the content of each image; animals, people, the weather. But they manage to capture these extraordinary occurrences and once in a life moments that can now be enjoyed by so many people. I picked out these three as my favorites but there are 44 more images to pour over. Definitely click the images above to see the full resolution versions of these, they’re pretty damn amazing.


Music Video for Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs’, Directed by Spike Jonze

Arcade Fire have a brand new video out for the song The Suburbs and they got one of my all-time favorites Spike Jonze to direct it. The video is deep in meaning, relating to the ideas of growing up and how people change over time. Spike does an amazing job of showing the fun, innocence of youth and contrasting it with the dark paths people can go down. When I listen to this song and the rest of the album this is exactly what I imagine. Bits of hope with tinges of darkness. has an interesting write up about the video which gets a lot headier than I do, so maybe check that as well.

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Never Sleeping

Ben Chlapek, the freelance illustrator, designer and printer behind Never Sleeping, admirably produces work to make people happy and as a way for his presence to be remembered. I think he has succeeded on both counts. Extremely prolific and diverse in his approach to the creative arts, Chlapek has designed numerous logos and identities, made a zine inspired by swine flu (with the fantastic title Ultimate Worrier) and penned illustrations that celebrate “dude time” and show the funny/depressing side of Valentine’s Day. And then there are his band posters that manage to capture the essence of bands such as Beach House, Caribou and Stars. His style has a familiar intimacy that instantly endears you to his work. If you want a little piece of Chlapek-inspired happiness, stop by his online shop.